How do you make money?

FitBUX’s goal is to build trust with each one of our clients by providing access to valuable insight and tools for free:

1) Access to our online platform
2) Getting your financial snapshot and your FitBUX Score
3) Speaking to one of our FitBUX Coaches to further customize your student loan repayment plan

We make money by offering products and services that optimize your finance strategy. So far, we’ve partnered with a growing number of financial institutions which offer student loan refinancing options and we are getting paid when you refinance with them. Don’t worry though, this does not cost you anything extra.

We are working on other ways to bring value to our users with a combination of new financial products as well as online tools and services that will make it easier to deal with your finance and spend more time doing what you really want to do. If what you really want to do is talk finance…that’s ok, we do too!

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