How Money School Is Structured

FitBUX's online course consists of three levels:  

  > Keep It Simple 

  > What's Next

  > Taking It One Step Further

Each is level is comprised of 8 easy to understand categories:

How The Courses Are Structured

FitBUX's course consists of three levels:  

  > Keep It Simple 

  > What's Next

  > Taking It One Step Further

Each is level is comprised of 8 easy to understand categories:

The 3 Levels

Keep It Simple

Many fail with money because they get lost in the details before understanding the big picture.

Keep It Simple  teaches you the secrets of money and focuses on the big picture.

This level provides you the foundation to build a good financial plan.

Bonus Material: What's Next & Taking It One Step Further

Once you have a strong financial foundation, you may want to dive deeper into individual topics.

Therefore, we added two free bonus stages to our course: What's Next & Taking It One Step Further

The 8 Easy To Understand Categories

Category 1: The Building Blocks

"Just watching this first category alone changed my life forever!" - Will Boyd, Class of 2018

In this category, Joe shares 7 secrets that thousands have followed to success including himself.

Examples Of Covered Topics

  • The Most Important Part Of Your Budget
  • Understanding Financial Security
  • The Two Magic Formulas
  • How To Develop Your Plan
  • How To Decide Which Goals To Pursue First
  • How To Evaluate Financial Options
  • Manage Your Risk & You Return Will Be There
  • Category 2: Income

    Income is where it all starts.

    You'll learn about the different types of income, how they play a role in everything you do financially, and how to generate income so you can retire.

    Examples Of Covered Topics

    • The Types of income
    • what people overlook in their budget
    • short-term and long-term income goals
    • Passive income
    • Retirement income diversification

    Category 3: Expenses

    It's time to focus on reducing your largest lifetime expense... taxes.

    In this category you'll learn what you need to know about taxes so you can take advantage of the right retirement accounts and investments.

    Examples Of Covered Topics

    • How do Deductions work
    • How do credits works
    • the progressive tax system
    • Taxes on retirement accounts
    • tax efficiency for your investments
    • what is depreciation

    Category 4: Assets

    Want to:

    > Know how to invest smartly? 

    > Save for retirement?
    > Buy a house?

    This category is for you.  Everyone, from beginner to expert, will learn how to maximize their investments in this category.

    Examples Of Covered Topics

    • Cash & Your Emergency Fund
    • Smartly Investing in retirement accounts
    • retirement matching & vesting
    • the truth about compounding interest
    • equity vs fixed income investments
    • mutual funds vs eTFs
    • your biggest asset: human capital
    • defining investment risk & how to reduce it
    • capital gains vs dividends

    Category 5: Debt

    This is one of the most important categories for new grads... Damn student loans!

    Have questions about:

    > Student loans? 

    > Home loans? 
    > Credit cards?
    > Car loans?

    You'll get your answers in this category.  You'll learn about topics that most financial planners don't even know about.

    Examples Of Covered Topics

    • Paying Off student loans
    • Taking advantage of student loan loopholes
    • Mastering student loan forgiveness
    • PAYE vs REPAYE vs IBR vs PSLF student loan plans
    • the 3 secrets of student loan refinancing
    • invest or pay off student loans
    • the best strategies for repaying debt
    • how to increase your credit score
    • major mistakes to avoid
    • how to qualify for a mortgage (even if you have student loans)
    • how much home you can afford vs what you qualify for
    • rent vs buying a home

    Category 6: Net Worth

    You may or may not have heard but net worth is the ultimate long-term financial goal...

    So what is it?

    Get the answer and much more in this category.

    Examples Of Covered Topics

    • A simple savings goal
    • Being rich vs being wealthy
    • why the wealthy get wealthier
    • invest like the wealthy
    • replacing active income with passive income

    Category 7: Risk Management

    One of the most overlooked parts of finance is protecting yourself.

    In these lessons you'll learn what you need to know to reduce the risk of something major happening to you.

    Therefore, you can live peacefully.

    Examples Of Covered Topics

    • the basics of life insurance
    • what life insurance to buy
    • disability insurance
    • how much insurance do you actually need

    Category 8: Implementing Your Plan

    The hardest part of planning is implementing it... Until now!

    We'll show you the easiest way to implement your plan so you can spend more time on your life instead of stressing about your money.

    Examples Of Covered Topics

    • What to do right after graduation (your grace period)
    • Rational vs emotional decisions
    • the most important ingredient to success
    • an easy system for you to implement your plan

    Don't Worry... We don't charge you $10,000s!

    There is no need to have money dictate your life.
    Make money compliment your life.

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