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How To Compare FitBUX’s Financial Plans

Many different financial choices can affect your pathway to your financial goals.  These choices can be purchasing a new home, or choosing between saving or contribute to a retirement account.  Or if you simply want to compare strategies to see which plan puts you on the best path, you can do it directly in your FitBUX profile.

First create a financial plan. Click here to see the ‘How to Create a Financial Plan’ guide. *

1.) Click on ‘My Plan’ at the top of your screen and click ‘View My Saved Plans’.

How to Compare Financial Plans 1

2.) You will see all of your different plans you’ve created and can now compare them.

How to Compare Financial Plans 2

3.) If you scroll down, you’ll see:

  • how much money you have in certain accounts,
  • when you’ve completed certain goals,
  • along with graphs for your FitBUX Score.