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How does the FitBUX Student Loan Pay Off Solution work?

We make it easy for you! All you have to do is to link your student loan accounts as well as private loan accounts, if applicable.

Once your accounts are linked, we will monitor:

1) How your payments are allocated to catch any mistake your loan servicer may make. Hint: they make mistakes often and if not caught early, these mistakes could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. If we find errors, we will notify you in real-time.

2) Your account balances over time to make sure you’re sticking to your strategy. If you need guidance to get back on track or modify your strategy, you will be able to either do it yourself or reach out to your FitBUX coach should you have questions about the best path forward.

  • Updated November 21, 2019

What does the FitBUX Student Loan Pay Off Solution do?

The FitBUX Student Loan Pay Off Solution helps you gain peace of mind by:

1- Making sure that your repayment strategy is optimized based on your personal situation. For instance, you may try to pay off your loan as quickly as possible or you may need (temporary) budget flexibility and need to figure out an approach that minimizes your required monthly payment. Those 2 strategies are drastically different and require totally different pay off strategies of course.

2- Once you’ve linked your student loan accounts (Federal and Private) to your FitBUX profile, we will monitor your accounts to make sure that your servicer is implementing your strategy correctly. Their mistakes could cost you thousands…and they make mistakes all the time. Our automated alerts catch mistakes before it’s too late.

3- We will else monitor how *you* are doing. Are you on track and sticking to the plan or has something changed that requires your approach to be modified? We provide you with both accountability and support.

  • Updated November 21, 2019

How much does the FitBUX Student Loan Pay Off Solution cost?

Currently, we offer two different payment plans:

– A monthly subscription costs only $4.98 per month or
– We also are running a limited time special: Pay a one-time fee of $300 and you get the FitBUX Student Loan Pay Off Solution for 10 years!. That’s $2.50/month!

  • Updated November 21, 2019
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