Travel Physical Therapist Salary and Financial Strategies

Are You a Travel PT?

Being a travel physical therapist has major perks such as seeing different parts of the country. Plus, travel PT salaries for a new grad is typically greater than a staff PT job.

Advantages of Being a Travel Physical Therapist

– Higher take home pay.– Exploring options in regards to living and setting.– Higher salary helps with increased cost of living.

Disadvantages of Travel Physical Therapy

– Moving often– Transportation and rent contracts– Tax Laws

Student Loan Strategies as a Travel Physical Therapist

A travel physical therapist salary can put you in a great financial situation. It can help you with the biggest cost of PT school, student loans.

Paying Off Student Loans

The travel physical therapist salary will help you pay off your student loans faster. This can save you thousands in the long run.

Loan Forgiveness

Your payments are based on your income. For travel physical therapists the payment is only based on the salary portion not the stipend!

What is the best strategy for me?

We’ve helped thousands of travel physical therapist at FitBUX figure exactly this out! Schedule a Free Call with one of our Financial Coaches to learn more.

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