Ashley had a lot of student loan debt. She was trying to refinance but kept running into problems.

Financial Aid

Ashley first went to the financial aid officers at her school.She quickly realized they helped her get student loans but couldn't do anything to help her refinance them.

Loan Servicer

She then contacted her student loan servicer.  After waiting on hold for 30 minutes, they told her to go onto REPAYE. Not exactly the student loan refinance help she was expecting.

Her Own Research

She did research herself, applied for a loan, didn't understand anything the refinance company was talking about.She qualified but didn't know if she should refinance or not.

Financial Planner

Her parents told her to contact a financial planner. Surely they must be able to help.Nope! She quickly realized that financial planners don't have training for student loans!

She Almost Gave Up

Ashley was frustrated. Like most people, she was going to give up which would've cost her a lot of money.

A Free Service

She tried one last thing. She asked her friends via social media what they did.One referred FitBUX's free student loan refinance service.

Stress Free

She built a profile, scheduled a free call with a student loan expert, and reviewed her  options.She got a good rate with one of FitBUX's partners and saved $20k!

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