Learn how Sean is saving thousands by refinancing his Wells Fargo student loans!

Sean was concerned about his student loans!

Sean noticed the interest rate on his student loans were high. He wanted to lower his rate so he started looking at options he had to refinance.

What is refinancing?

Refinancing means you are replacing one loan with a brand new loan at a new company.This means you will have a brand new rate and new term. Most do it to save money.

How did Sean refinance his student loans?

Sean began by comparing rates with different lenders. He did research and looked at rates with a pre-approval application.

He found the best rate, now what?

Sean had to decide what type of loan and the term he wanted to use.  His Wells Fargo student loan was an adjustable rate loan and he didn't want that!

What does type of loans and term mean?

The type of loan refers to the types of loans refinance companies offer: fixed, variable and specialty. The term means how long you have to repay the loan.

Sean needed to verify his information

Lenders want you to verify items like your income, graduation, and loan information. He will then wait a week or two for the refinance to be processed.

Start Saving

Sean will save thousands from refinancing his Wells Fargo student loans.His first payment will be due 30-45 days after he signs the contract.

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