Is a Physical Therapist Salary Worth It?

Is The DPT Worth It?

The physical therapy salary and student loan data is based on over 10,000 PTs throughout the country that our FitBUX Coaches have helped.

Entry Level Physical Therapist Salary

The average new grad physical therapist salary on FitBUX is $73,000. The 75thpercentile salary is $76,000 and the 25th percentile is $62,500.

Average Physical Therapist Student Loan Debt

The average student loan debt for physical therapist on FitBUX is $154,000.  The 75th percentile is $198,500 and the 25th percentile is $98,900.

Is It Worth Being A Physical Therapist?

We ran simulations assuming individuals are pursuing a student loan pay-off strategy and simulations pursuing income-based repayment plan.

Results Of Simulations – Pay Off

Results show the ability to generate enough assets and have over a 70% probability of not running out of money in retirement.

Results Of Simulations – Pay Off Part Two

It would be extremely hard to afford a house in the 1st 10 years post-graduation and repay your student loans.

Results Of Simulation – Income-Based Repayment

The plans have the potential to give you more assets especially as you increase the amount of student loan debt you have.

They also give you much more money in the short-run.Therefore, one can buy a house and save for retirement sooner but the trade-off is having student loans for the next 20 years.

Results Of Simulation – Income-Based Repayment Part Two

Is It Worth It To Be A Physical Therapist?

To properly determine this question you must interpret your human capital, risk, salary by state, salary by practice setting, and if you want to go into travel physical therapy.

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