How To Pay for Physical Therapist School

Deciding whether to go to Physical Therapist school can be stressful. It isn’t cheap. However, you can develop a plan and reduce much of your stress. FitBUX has helped over 15,000 physical therapist figure out how to pay for school.

The Cost Of PT School

The average student debt of a physical therapist on FitBUX is $153,000. Meanwhile, the average physical therapist new grad salary will range anywhere from $65-000 to $85,000

Scholarships and Grants

Applying for scholarships and grants should be your first choice.  Most of the time, people have no idea they are available. This is free money that you won’t need to pay back.

Federal Loans

Federal Loans have fixed rates, offer more flexibility with repayment options, and usually have lower interest rates than private loans.

Private Loans

Private loans should be the last resort to pay for physical therapist school. They have no flexibility.  You have one repayment plan and won’t be able to pick a loan forgiveness plan.


Working to pay for physical therapist school consists of two time periods. Working during school and post-graduation. Both play a role in determining how you can best repay student debt.

Make A Plan

We’ve created a technology that will help you build a financial plan while you’re in school and can help you determine just how many loans you need to take out.

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