How To Pay For Physician Assistant School!

Are You In Physician Assistant School?

Going to Physician Assistant school can be very expensive. FitBUX members that are a Physician Assistant on average have $180,000 in student debt.

Income For A Physician Assistant

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Physician Assistant salary for 2021 was $121,530. We see new graduates making between $90,000 and $110,000.

Paying For Physician Assistant School

Thinking of how to pay school may be discouraging. However, don’t be discouraged because I’m going to review how to pay for Physician Assistant school.


The AAPA Foundation offers more than $2 million in scholarships every year. Many people know about scholarship opportunities but don’t try to apply for them.


If you have financial hardship, Pell Grants are another way that could help tremendously. You are automatically considered to get one when you submit your FAFSA.

National Health Service Corpse

The NHSC offers up to $50,000 in forgiveness for any Physician Assistant that works in an NHSC approved facility.  Most of these facilities are located in high-need, underserved areas.

Federal Student Loan Repayment

After graduation you will be picking between 10 different options to pay for physician assistant school. The big question; Pay Off or Loan Forgiveness?

Private Loans

This is usually your last resort. Private loans have one repayment option, paying off the loan, and offer little to no flexibility. Rates are usually higher than Federal loans.

Plan To Pay For Physician Assistant School

If you need help deciding which option is best for you, become a member of FitBUX then give us a call.  You can chat with a FitBUX Coach for free.

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