Graduate student loans can be confusing and costly if you make a mistake

Why its important

You used to be able to attend graduate school and have income equal to or less than your starting income

Todays Reality

Its not uncommon for graduates to have 3x student loans to income now days.


This means new graduates have $210k in student loans that are making $70k in income.

Graduate Loan Key #1

You first want to maximize Direct Unsubsidized loans. You can use $20,500 per year up to $138,500 total.

Graduate Loan Key #2

If you need more money, you want to use Direct PLUS loans.  The last loans you want to use are private loans

Repayment Plans

There are standard repayment options, graduated repayment options, and income-driven/loan forgiveness options.

Getting The Loan

First complete FAFSA to get your Direct unsubsidized loans.  After that, get PLUS loans. You need to ask financial aid about PLUS loans.

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