Find out how Sean saved thousands by using a good student loan pay off calculator!

Sean wasn't sure how to go about paying off his loans. He saw FitBUX members save on average $3,000-$5,000 using our student loan payoff strategy, so he decided to schedule a call.

Sean's Problem

Sean had $150,000 in student loan debt. The loans all had different balances and different interest rates. He wanted to know how to go about paying off his student loans efficiently.

How We Helped

Our payoff calculator allows you to allocate prepayments so you can pay off the loans fast.  The faster you pay them off the more you save. We reviewed the pay off plan with Sean to get started.

How To Use Our Student Loan Payoff Calculator

Sean first made a free FitBUX account. Creating an account is what powers the customized results of the payoff calculator. Then he explored the calculator itself.

Inputting Data

In order for Sean to take advantage of the payoff calculator he needed to input all of his student loans into his profile. This allows the technology to see the balance and interest rates of the loans.

How To Get To The Pay Off Calculator

After inputting the data Sean went to "Tools & Products" on the left hand side of the FitBUX profile. He then selected "Student Loans" and went into the "Student Loan Pay Off" option under calculators.

The Student Loan Pay Off Calculator

After selecting the calculator Sean was able to see his student loans listed by their individual balances, interest rates, terms, and payment amounts. Clicking "Next" allowed him to strategize making prepayments, and see its effect on repayment.

Sean Saved Thousands!

After Sean implemented the plan we built he was able to pay off his loans in 9 years, and save close to $5,000 along the way. He wanted to track his progress so he used our financial planning technology to guide him in the right direction towards financial freedom.

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