How Bre Learned How To Save Thousands Refinancing Her Student Loans (Story)

Bre wanted to refinance her student loans, but did not know how it worked or how much a difference it would make.

Bre Found The FitBUX Refinance Calculator

Bre made a free FitBUX profile so she could use the refinance calculator to help her decide if refinancing was right for her.

What is refinancing?

Refinancing means that you are replacing one loan with a brand new loan at a new company.This means you will have a brand new rate and term

How Bre Used The Calculator

Bre decided to compare her refinance offer with her current loans and compare her different refinance offers.

What She Found Out

Bre was able to see her projected monthly payments, compare the total cost of the loans, compare different terms, and see how much she would save with her student loan refinance offers.

How FitBUX Helps You

Refinancing is a process we’d love to walk you through. We know it can be overwhelming which is why we have our free student loan refinance service.

Swipe up to learn more about how you can use our student loan refinance calculator!