Home Affordability Calculator

Why It Matters

In 2008, there were more than 3 million foreclosures. These 3 million households all qualified for a house.  As they found out, they couldn’t afford it.

What Is Home Affordability?

The home affordability calculator  tells you exactly how much home you can afford. I'm going to show you have to take advantage of the tool.

Step 1

To get access to our free home affordability calculator, you will need to have a FitBUX premium membership as this specific tool is based on our financial planning AI.

Step 2

Once you have upgraded your membership, click Tools and Products from the left hand menu. Once you click this, 6 topics will drop down. Select How Much Home Can I Afford.

Step 3

You will first confirm your income. We do more than just look at cash flow.  We take into account the type of income you have because every type of income has different risk characteristics.

Step 4

You will then insert the down payment you would like to make on the home. The more you put down on a home the more you can afford.

Step 5

The results are displayed as Optimal, Okay, and Risky. If you don’t have an optimal home price, its because there isn’t a price in that range that is affordable.

If you don’t have an amount you can afford, or the amounts are low, this does not mean you shouldn’t buy. Your rent may be so high that buying still makes sense.

Something To Consider

Financial Planning Technology Can Help!

The financial planning technology at FitBUX allows you to bring your entire financial picture together. You can even run multiple scenarios! Our goal is have your money compliment your life, not dictate it.

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