Connor Graduated

Connor recently graduated from college. He'll make 75k per year and has 100k in student loan debt.  His situation is a financial planning example all young people can follow.

His Wants

Connor was getting married in 1 year.  He also wanted to pay off his student loans and buy a house in 3 years.  Will he be able to do it?

Day To Day Money

Connor organized his money into 3 components.  The first was his day-to-day money. That is his income and daily expenses such as rent, food, and utilities.

Future Goal Money

The second component was money for his future goals, i.e. money for retirement, his wedding, and buying his house.

Risk Management $$$

The last component was money for risk management, aka insurance.  He bought disability and life insurance.


Connor's next step in his financial plan was one that most forget to do.  He simulated what would happen in his plan.

Tweaks & Doing It

After simulating his financial plan, he made a few tweaks.  Next up was to begin implementing it.

Goals Met!

Connor met all his goals within three years.  He is now on pace to have over $3 million saved by 55 years old!

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