This is a story about how Mike decided between paying off debt or investing

Mike always wanted to help people. Therefore, he got a degree which allows him to work in the medical field.

Mike's Problem

Mike loved helping people.However, he wanted to be financially free.  He wanted to figure out if he should pay off $115k in student loan debt or invest.

The Wall Mike Hit

Mike asked a financial planner if he should pay off debt or invest.The planner didn't know anything about student loans though so he couldn't answer

A Break Through

Mike's colleague faced the same problem.  He told he had learned it depends on the type of debt you have, the interest rate, and his goals.

Mike's Plan

Mike read the FitBUX article his colleague was referencing.He decided to build a plan using FitBUX's technology and list out all of his debt. He figured out investing would be best for him.

The Conflict Mike Faced

Mike still was hesitant because he hated debt. He couldn't fathom having $120k in debt for the next 20 years!

The Achievement

Mike reviewed the plan he build on FitBUX.  He realized investing would give him $800k more by retirement.Therefore, he began investing. three years later, he already has $68k saved!

Mike Is Free

Mike is now able to do his dream job helping people and he is financially free because he knows exactly how to implement his plan and had a good answer to if he should pay off debt or invest.

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