Rebecca wanted to pay off 120k of student loan debt as fast as she could. These are the creative ways she did it.

Step one was to make prepayments to her highest interest rate loan first. This will always save the most money.

To make her prepayment more effective, she used a trick taught to her by her FitBUX Coach. The trick drops the required payment so more prepayment is used to reduce the loan faster!

She then found a part-time job with benefits.  Therefore, she could work a 1099 on top of the part-time work. This increased her income for the same time worked.

She really wanted to start a podcast but didn't know what to do. So she started a side hustle editing podcast. Result = $$$ + Experience

Rebecca's profession required continuing education.  Therefore, she went to the Con Ed company and taught the courses...

She paid off her loans in 3 years by being creative, leveraging her skills, leveraging her time, and taking advantage of opportunities.

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