Income Share Agreement Articles

This page is dedicated to FitBUX Articles that discuss income share agreements.  If you have further questions please contact us.

v=Stop the Rise In College Tuition

The Solution to Control Rising Tuition Rates

By: Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX This article discusses: Why tuition rates have increased at a record pace; and Two benefits of Income Share Agreements that would help control ...
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Income share agreement affortability

FitBUX Hybrid Income Share Agreements: The Best of Both Worlds

By Joseph Reinke, CFA, CEO of FitBUX One of the greatest appeals of an income share agreement is their flexibility and affordability relative to other financing options. To understand the added ...
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Rate increase and your student loan

Rate Increase and Your Student Loan

Takeaways: If you have a variable rate student loan, then your loan may be affected by a rate change. If you have a variable rate loan, you need to read the ...
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Income Share Agreements vs. Federal Income Based Loans

Income Share Agreements vs. Federal Income-Based Loans

We recently began accepting applications for our hybrid income share agreement trial program.  So far, the question we have been asked the most is how our program differs from the federal government’s ...
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Variable rate loan vs income share agreement

Variable Rate Loans Vs. Income Share Agreements

One question we have gotten from applicants is, “How are income share agreement payments different than the variable rate option that XYZ company is offering me?”  The primary reason for ...
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purdue income share agreement

Purdue’s Daniels Testifies About ISAs

#Mitch Daniels testified today about #Purdue‘s program to offer #income share agreements to #students.  This is a repost of an article from Indystar.  The original article can be found by ...
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Income share agreements

Income Share Agreements vs Federal Loan Programs

When it comes to non-federal income share agreements (ISAs for short) there are a few key differences between them and federal loan programs. Federal loans are not underwritten based on the ...
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