Being Financially Independent & Avoiding Catastrophe! 

Congrats! You are on a path towards financial independence.  So was Cindy, a FitBUX Member. However, FitBUX showed her how building and implementing her FitBUX Financial plan could generate an incremental $3 million and improve her overall financial flexibility!

Read her story below so you can do the same.

+ $900k At Retirement With Automated Adjustments

Cindy was doing a great job following her own plan.

However, she was making a common mistake. While she was diligently allocating part of her income to debt payments and asset contributions, she did not have a way to adjust her contributions as her income grew. 

Like most people she forgot to do so as her income increased.  

Because FitBUX's financial planning technology tracks Cindy's plan and progress continuously, we automatically alert her when she needs to adjust her contributions, and by how much.

By increasing the amounts correctly, we estimate that she will have an incremental $900k when she retires!

+ $1.9 Million From Her Investments

Cindy has been getting her employer match and investing in a Roth IRA for almost 10 years.  

Unfortunately, she had no way of knowing whether her investment allocation was aligned with the level of risk her overall situation allowed her to bare.

Maybe she was taking too much risk...or maybe she could afford more risk.

Thanks to FitBUX's investment recommendation technology available to Premium members, Cindy is now able to correctly allocate her investments.

By reallocating her investments, Cindy can expect to make an extra $1.9 million by the time she hits 62 years old! 

Avoiding Catastrophe

Like many young professionals, Cindy wanted to buy a house. So she Googled "Home affordability calculator."

She ran the numbers using a random online calculator and was told that could "afford" an $850k house.

However, most online tools calculate what you can qualify for, not what you can afford!

Cindy logged into her FitBUX profile and used our home affordability technology.  She realized that she could afford a $650k house.  Purchasing a $850k home would have had her stuck in the race and on a "paycheck to paycheck" nightmare.

Also, purchasing a home she can afford allows her to stay on the path to financial independence and increased financial flexibility. Cindy will not end up the proverbial home owner who is house rich and cash poor.

Mortgage Points Net Her $290k

As a  FitBUX premium member, Cindy also has a designated FitBUX Coach.

She decided to schedule a call with him prior to getting her mortgage.  She wanted to know whether buying points made sense for her.

Her Coach was able to show her how paying 1.75 points on the mortgage would reduce her required monthly payment by $400.  

By investing those $400 monthly, she would pay off her house in 30 years (no change there) but would have an additional $290k invested!