We provide services which help recent graduates and young professionals:

1) Understand their overall financial picture and their student loan situation in particular. This is done by creating a FitBUX Profile and getting their FitBUX Score.

2) Plan and develop a strategy to deal with their student loans and understand the impact of potential financial decisions on their current and future financial picture.

We offer free student loan refinance services and coaching, along with other financial products (personal loans, etc) via our direct relationships with the major student loan refinance companies.

3) Implement their student loan repayment strategy. Our Solutions holds FitBUX Members accountable to make sure that they implement their plan and stay on top of it.

Our first solution helps young professionals pursuing student loan forgiveness plan for the associated tax liability and stay on track throughout their IDR plan duration. You can learn more here.

  • Updated November 21, 2019
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