How It Works

We use our proprietary technology to analyze thousands of unique data points. Coupled with our decades of finance experience, we establish a clear understanding of our client's complete financial profile as we build the financial institution of the future, together. Our innovative approach allows us to bring unique financial products to the market.  These products provide unmatched flexibility and potential savings. To do this, we must do things differently from other finance companies. It's a good thing.


Finance professionals are supposed to provide you with solutions based on your personal situation. Yet, they tend to provide "cookie cutter" solutions based on "cookie cutter" models. We believe that each person has and continues to write their own unique story. It is our job to understand that complete story. We look at thousands of data points to provide you with a snapshot of your complete financial profile. This snap shot is your FitBUX Score.

For this reason, we ask you to build a profile which is more comprehensive than a traditional financing application. Not to worry though, you can use estimates and this process should only take a couple of minutes at the most.


Traditional credit scores primarily reflect past payment behaviors i.e. a very small part of your overall financial profile. At FitBUX, we look at additional factors such as your accomplishments, education, current financial picture as well as your potential. These factors provide us insight into your complete financial profile. This is especially important for responsible individuals who may not have a lengthy credit history since, in that case, credit worthiness is not accurately reflected by traditional credit scores.

We strive to understand each individual holistically so we can offer finance solutions that are customized to you.


Your FitBUX Profile is where we begin our partnership. It is your opportunity to brag to us about your education, accomplishments, employment, finances, etc.

By the way, building your profile will NOT impact your credit history.

We pride ourselves on the time and energy we invest in getting to know each of our clients. We analyze your data from many different angles to understand your complete financial profile and we will also spend time talking with you directly. At FitBUX, you're more than a GPA or a bank account statement. In addition, we will only offer terms tailored and realistic to each FitBUX member so they can live a better life and not have debt slow them down. We are in this together and we are only successful when you're successful.


We don't waste money on fancy buildings or shiny new furniture. We would rather focus on creating a one-of-a-kind online platform coupled with a streamlined process to  get an ever growing number of consumers to benefit from our technology.

However, we are easy to get in contact with...we are real people too (the team is growing fast!) and we always welcome the opportunity to speak with current and future clients. Feel free to contact us here and we will get back to you quickly, either by phone or email, your choice.



What else can we say? Never.

At FitBUX your data security and privacy is job one. We have built a state-of-the-art security system for all of our information, with proven 256-bit encryption technology and multiple layers of security which we constantly monitor for any suspicious activity. For more information, check our Security & Privacy policy.