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Zero Interest and Zero Principal Financing

52 is the Average FitBUX Score®

What's yours?

Something Different. Payment Liberation.

FitBUX payments move up and down based on your income.

  • If you earn less you pay less.
  • As you make more, easily pay off quicker.

Manage your financial future with ease

FitBUX goes beyond traditional options to give you both flexibility and savings.

How It Works

Your Financial life in one place.
Qualification is based on your FitBUX Score.

A clever integration with your personal finances works harmoniously to calculate your FitBUX Score. Easily create a profile by adding your work history, education, financial accounts, and more with a click. As you add more, see your FitBUX Score change.

Inside Your FitBUX Score

We understand you are more than your credit score. We look at the ENTIRE YOU! FitBUX is the new way to determine your financial fitness using factors such as Merit and Financial Potential.

52 is the average FitBUX Score

What can I finance with FitBUX?

FitBUX refinances student loans.

Soon you'll be able to use FitBUX for anything.

Shape your life, your way.

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